Carbon Conversion

“There are two rules to this project, Carbon Conversion cannot cost the customer more, and it cannot cost the earth in energy consumption”

C.Barton Founder and Chief Technology Officer

The scale of carbon emissions is hard to comprehend.

If converting carbon emissions costs a watt of power or the end product costs a cent more than the current price, Then the solution already exceeds what most countries make of energy or GDP already.

Next Generation Carbon Technology

Barton Blakeley’s carbon conversion system, HYPER XI converts greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into high value products in a cheaper method whilst needing no heat or electrical input to the process.

The premier development of Barton Blakeley Technologies’, HYPER XI is designed to allow manufacturing of high value materials through low-cost methods, making profitable revenue streams and emissions utilization co-operative.

Through this, Carbon emissions instead of being the problem become part of fueling the solution to climate change.

Barton Blakeley has designed, developed and patented an advanced emissions recovery system, based on aerospace engineering and advanced material science. This system is designed so the operator, previously an emitter of CO2, receive greater returns on investment than current methods of emission management.

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