Advanced Engineering Solutions

As specialists in rapid technology development, Barton Blakeley also provides engineering and scientific services. Our facilities and team specialise in fast fabrication, including rapid prototyping expertise in fluid, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering support to customers .

Barton Blakeley’s capabilities allow us to provide excellent cost effective insights into new materials and new product development, from research to scale-up / low-volume manufacture.

Services Available

Gas Chromatography Analysis via TCD or FID. (Chromatec Crystal 9000 GC- GSV-TCD-Methanizer-FID)

Bespoke Engineering through design to fabrication with new production development and scale-up specialties.

Rapid Prototyping including design and manufacturing in various 3D scanning and printing services. Materials include plastics, resins, ceramics and metals in extrusion, fused, sintering and SLA methods.

Computer Aided Design and analysis / Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) / Stress & Thermal Analysis.

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