Lead-free glass from carbon conversion

Lead-free glass from carbon conversion

Barton Blakeley are able to produce the world’s first carbon captured lead-free glass as a direct product of our carbon capture and conversion technology.

The manufacture of glass typically possesses a large carbon footprint due to the high use of energy and natural resources often obtained from dredging and mining. However with our unique, low cost technology, we are able produce high quality, carbon captured glass without damaging important biomes, and significantly reduce waste emissions from the manufacturing process.

Special characteristics

  • High optical qualities
  • High clarity
  • 100% lead-free
  • Ability to customise the grade and quality of our glass to specific industry requirements
  • Low production cost
  • Price competitive
  • Lower carbon footprint

Captured Carbon

Thanks to Barton Blakeley’s HYPER XI Technology, low cost materials used for manufacturing everyday items now trap carbon generated from industry.

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