Full Specification

Example Specialized XiCOzA – LOWR Nanopowder Grade

Product: Super hydrophobic SiO2 Nanopowder
Treatment: with Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Form: Powder
Colour: White
Molecular Formula: SiO2.xCHx
Average Particle Size: 10-13 nm or 50-125 nm
Molecular Weight: 60.08 g mol−1
Specific Surface Area (SSA):
40 m2 g−1
Solubility: Insoluble in water

● Customised product can be supplied with particle sizes between 20 and 200
nm, 土 10 nm, Chain length and/or the supply of primary particles could be
tailored to individual customer needs.
● SSA can be tailored to between 10 and 200 m2 g−1
● The product can be supplied in a range of solvents such as ethanol and IPA as
well as being supplied as a dry powder.
● We are capable to work with customers to provide custom coatings.
● This product is part of a line of new products from the HYPER Xi – Carbon
Conversion Line, providing ultra high quality, low cost materials from
captured carbon dioxide

Hydrophilic Silica

Barton Blakeley can supply hydrophilic or other specially functionalised silicas for your custom needs.

Technical Analysis

Characterisation data of product is available on request. Academic and commercial partners can provide fast bespoke testing services.

Composite Materials

Capability to mix nanopowder with many materials and solutions to assist with custom needs.

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