Silica From Waste

XICOzA replaces common industrial materials like Silica, Alumina and Titania;

All materials which normally possess high energy and CO2 costs to manufacture.

XICOzA is made directly from CO2, permanently destroying carbon emissions in the process. Doing so makes carbon bonds on the material allowing super hydrophobic (water repellent) property at lower cost in money and energy.

This allows silica users like rubbers, silicone’s, glass, touchscreens, adhesives, inks, plastics, 3D printing manufacturers and more to directly reduce emissions.

Special Characteristics

Barton Blakeley customises their material for each industry, providing characteristics such as super hydrophobicity, oleo and hydrophilicity, thermal & UV resistance and improved dispersion

High Specification Material

Super-hydrophobic Silicon Oxide Nanopowder (Treated with Carbon Dioxide)

Purity: 99.99 % +

Average Particle Size:  13-16 nm +

Molecular weight:  60.08 g mol-1

Specific Surface Area (SSA): 

40 m2 g-1 or greater.

Solubility:     Insoluble in Water

Captured Carbon

Thanks to Barton Blakeley’s HYPER XI Technology, low cost materials used for manufacturing everyday items now trap carbon generated from industry.

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