5 questions with Christopher Barton, Founder and CETO of Barton Blakeley Technologies

We caught up with Christopher to get the rundown about Barton Blakeley Technologies and his aspirations for the company.

“We take the problem of carbon emissions and try to change its course into driving the solution”

Christopher Barton

Can you introduce Barton Blakeley Technologies in three sentences?

Barton Blakeley are carbon emission eliminators. We take Carbon emissions and use it as a fuel to recycle wastes into reusable, regenerated and cheaper products. This prevents carbon emissions contributing to the greenhouse gas effect, which is the leading cause of climate change.

What inspired you to start Barton Blakeley?

Everybody wants to work on something that can help make life better, right? And that’s our drive. I’m a fully certified aircraft nerd! I used to design and make little rockets and planes as a kid. My fascination with aircraft never left me and I have been working in the aerospace industry for coming up to 15 years now. During this time I have observed the vast quantities of waste generated across this industry alone, and knew something needed to change. This led me to establishing Barton Blakeley in 2016. And when you know you have a technology that can help change the way people think about waste products, it creates a will to finish the job.

What is your company’s mission?

Barton Blakeley has a single-minded drive to convert as much carbon emissions as possible into product. We strive to scale up and meet the challenges of the climate crisis profitably, because profit drives growth, and growth drives further elimination of carbon and regeneration of waste.

How does Barton Blakeley address the climate crisis?

Employing our technology, we take the problem of carbon emissions and try to change its course into driving the solution. Using carbon emissions, we can fuel the regeneration of many waste products that would otherwise pollute our land, water and atmosphere, into reusable, revalued resources. This offers a sustainable advancement in waste management, significantly reduces the carbon footprint typically attached to creation of the same products from new, and eliminates carbon emissions as the major contributor to climate change in the process.

What is the product of your carbon capture technology?

Our technology presents a great deal of opportunity with the conversion of carbon emissions into everyday products. Resources including glass, concrete, plastics, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural nutrients and more can all use our end products of carbon capture and conversion. These products contain stored carbon emissions, and their manufacture results in a reduced carbon footprint. You can find out more information about the uses of our stored carbon here.